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Birthdate:Jul 7
**Disclaimer. I have walked many paths, from Judaism as a child to Roman Catholicism later in life, to Atheism for many years, then Paganism for a decade until a few years ago. I realized that for me, Religion is the backpack I carry with me for life, it carries various tools that I find useful while floundering about. I've often changed backpacks and content when I realized that life was taking a new direction and requiring different tools. I have found a good fit as a Progressive Christian --this means I love nature, I embrace other paths and draw from them, I use intelligence and reason as underlying foundations as I seek and question. This means that the following 8 points are things that are part of my personal ethics. (for those who don't care to click the link, it includes the key point that the path i am on is understood as only ONE OF MANY SUPER AWESOME PATHS. All rivers flowing to the same ocean, etc etc. ) **

If you have read this far through, I hope it is clear that yes I consider myself a spiritual being but yes, like many thousands of other Christians (and other 'religious' folks) , I have a brain and a heart. I use them both. AND>>>> I still swear, I still sometimes drink and smoke. I love books about magic, esotericism, gardening, reading smut mags, bdsm stuff (i'm a sub at heart),and love listening to Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, System of a Down, Clutch and many others. And I totally enjoy Doctor Who, Breaking Bad and other shows. I like to grid-hop across different virtual worlds, enjoy themes such as urban decay, urban noir, retro grunge, atmospheric flotsam, and am very interested in mysticism, especially Kabbalah.

All in all I'm just your average person and the disclaimer above is because I can't count how many times I've been on some social networking something or another and people find out I'm Christian and A) tell me what a moron I am and how they thought I was 'smarter than that', or B) tell me they are Christian too and can't believe what a sinner I am in OBVIOUS need of immediate salvation.

So.. there ya go. If you're still interested in reading things that I might write, if you still think I might be an interesting person to connect with, Cool, add me. If not, its probably best for the both for us and have a good day :)

Interests (17):

archer, books on world religions, breaking bad, clutch, doctor who, gardening, grid-hopping in virtual worlds, harold robbins, jericho, macklemore, marilyn manson, nicky romero, once upon a time, rob zombie, stephen king, sudying different religions, system of a down
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